Air Quality and Research Videos

One area of our research has been to study the amount and types of fungi present in the air. Dr Soum Sanogo, a plant pathologist at New Mexico State University, discusses research on soil-borne diseases and how looking at the fungi present in plants can relate to air quality.

This video shows how research on fungi in the air is done. It shows how samples are gathered and monitored to see if fungi are present. Included is a brief discussion on why this type of research is important.

A brief news feature on the dust control study being done as part of the project.

Weather and Fire Event Videos

These videos capture some of the phenomenon that impact air quality in the binational region. Gustnado over Mesilla, New Mexico.

Below is video of the Big Spring Fire in New Mexico. This fire burned in Torrance County near the village of Tajique in June 2008. This time lapse video was taken on June on highway 55. The first frame starts at 3:37 pm and the last frame ends at 5:41 pm. The camera (Logitech 9000) took a picture every 10 seconds. The last frame ends when a downdraft gust from the smoke-induced thunderstorm blows the camera and the laptop onto the ground.

Below is a time lapse video of a haboob that occurred in Las Cruces, NM on June 2, 2013. The haboob came out of the south as part of a thunderstorm outflow. The video starts at 6:40 pm MDT and ends at 7:57 pm MDT. A photo was snapped every 15 seconds looking toward the south. This was taken on the east side of Las Cruces in the Highrange neighborhood. It is a little shaky due to the high winds. More information on this haboob event can be found at our air quality blog.

The video below captures the dust storm that rolled into Las Cruces, NM on December 19, 2012 after a cold front. It was put together from the Skeen Hall cloud cam operated by the New Mexico State Climatologist on the campus of New Mexico State University. The cloud cam snaps a photo every minute and the pictures have been archived at the New Mexico Climate Center over the past few years.

Below is another view of the December 19, 2012 dust storm. This video was taken at the Fabian Garcia Horticulture Farm in Las Cruces. It was taken about 11:30 am. Notice the blowing dust and the sound of the wind. Near the end of the video you can even see flying tumbleweeds.